Passive Park Sales Cohort Waitlist

Work with me (Leah) directly, in an intimate group, over the course of 9 weeks to build the passive park system of your dreams.

Investment: 3 payments of $1,111

Next round: April 15, 2024

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What You'll Learn...

  • The products that sell best passively, which might even be ones you have currently have! I'm here to help you strategize what can seamlessly sell to a warm and cold audience.
  • The tech that allows this to flow smoothly and sell totally automatically. Promise- it's not as complex as it might seem!
  • The traffic strategies that allow traffic to come into your funnel both through paid and organic methods. The more traffic, the more sales.


... A world in which moms didn't feel like motherhood and their work had to be separate.

Where you didn't need daycare to watch over your child while you did your job.

It might sound radical and even a bit unhealthy, but the truth is, mothers have been doing their work alongside their children from the beginning of time.

Ancestrally, this looked like mothers cooking, cleaning, and running a household. This was their work. They didn't spend all day on the floor with puppets with their children the way mothers today feel they need to be, or have nannies do instead.

When work began looking more like pencil skirts at a cubicle, it's no wonder it didn't feel appropriate for small children to be involved. But that's not how it is anymore.

We live in the modern day era, where you can make millions of dollars from your cell phone.

Where you can schedule, automate, delegate and systematize like never before.

Where you can throw away the hours worked = dollars made antiquated equation.

Where you can support, teach and lead clients without having to do it via time-sucking meetings.

This is where this all changes for you.

This is where your work, and your ability to contribute financially to your family, no longer competes with the time you spend with your children.

This is where you enter a reality that allows you to spend hours outside with your kids, while sales come in.

Where they get to learn and grow where they feel the safest: near mom.

Where you get to squeeze all the enjoyment you can out of these precious young years, without feeling like your career is on hold during this.

This is about so much more than a passive funnel.

This is about your life, and the formative years of your kid(s) life too.

This is the gift you'll give to your whole family.

How the live Cohort Works

Intimate Coaching Calls

By keeping the group small (no more than 8 people), you'll be able to talk directly to Leah on each of the three live coaching calls as you strategize and execute your passive system.

Modules via Private Podcast

This program is designed for busy moms (yes, dog and plant moms count). None of whom have time to sit and watch videos. All our content is available via a private podcast feed for you to hear when and where works for you.

Cohort Voxer Chat

Over the 9 weeks together, we'll have a group Voxer chat in your back pocket as you learn and implement everything. I will review your sales pages, products, ads and whatever else you need to build this out to success.