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When you join the waitlist, you'll be...

1- Monthly Zoom call. I've never done this before, but am so excited to offer it to you. Being on the waitlist grants you access to an exclusive monthly call with me where I go behind the scenes in my business, answer your questions, and can support your business' growth before my coaching programs kick off again in 2023. The first one will be in September. Stay tuned!

2- Join my "Close Friend" list on InstagramHit reply and email me your instagram handle! Just look for the "green circle" around my IG stories for content that no one can see but you! On this exclusive list, you'll get an inside look into parts of my business I don't share with anyone else, including:

  • How  I optimize my sales funnels and launches
  • How I overcome days of self-doubt and fears
  • Lessons from my most successful client calls
  • A look at our monthly income and sales numbers

3- First dibs & fast action discount. There are limited spaces available for ALL of the 2023 coaching programs. As we start enroll throughout the fall, you benefit from applying as early as possible. Once they're full, that's it! You do NOT want to wait that long for your life to transform. You're also eligible for THOUSANDS off of the program, plus the potential for more depending on how quickly you take action. Once these discounts expire, they're gone!

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Mastermind Success Stories

"This Mastermind has been so helpful, so supportive, so magical. I've gone from under 5K in a month to consistent five figure months in three months!"

- Shannon Bills, Coach for Actors

"My income was steadily increasing each month before, but with the VIP access in the Mastermind I was able to hit my first $10k+ month in sales in the first month."

- Jacquie Smith, Woman's Health and Fitness Coach

Went from debt to $47k months... "I've continued programs from Leah because as my coach, she continues to guide me towards a fuller life and expanding my business."

- Olivia Talley, Dating Coach