Scale Your Side Hustle® 

Next cohort: July 2024

A six-month, live coaching program created by Leah Gervais that'll build the foundation your business needs to generate six figures.

Not just for new entrepreneurs, this program is for any business owner getting to six figures.

My side hustle changed my life. Yours has the power to do the same.

But I know it's not as easy as it sounds...  

When it comes to your side hustle, you've got a big WHY. 

Whether it's...

  • Scaling your side business to replace your 9-5 income and leaving your day job.
  • Building a business that allows you to stay home with your babies.
  • Paying off that pesky student debt that keeps you up at night- once and for all!
  • Getting to pick up the tab when you're out with friends to treat hem.
  • Traveling luxuriously and making money from anywhere in the world

Yet, your reality might not yet reflect those dreams. 

Instead it feels...

  • Confusing- with all the information out there, you are paralyzed with what to do next. You can't handle one more free webinar!
  • Time-consuming, with your income NOT reflecting the time you put into it.
  • Lonely. Friends and family don't understand what you're up to, and you don't want to do this alone. 
  • Exhausting- enough with the overworking and ENOUGH with saying "I can't afford it."

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I started my “for fun” blog around my job as a paralegal in NYC.  

In under two years, it turned into a thriving side hustle that made more than my day job, and turned into a a million-dollar business from there.  

I had zero followers, zero subscribers, a lack of clarity, and a busy schedule, and figured out how to scale it to surpass my day job salary by cutting out the fluff and focusing on what works. Now, I’m here to teach YOU exactly what worked.  

Here's what to expect:

Why do extra work when you could be growing your business? Through our tested process, we’ll help you find clarity in what you need and maximize your efforts from beginning to end.

Six-figure focus

Just because this is for side hustlers does NOT mean it's for beginners, In fact, we want to focus on helping you fill in any holes in your current business that'd prevent you from making six figures in 2024.

With weekly Slack prompts dedicated to the building and sustaining of a six-figure income, that's where our focus will be for you.

Audience-growth focus

This is the focus I most encourage for business owners working toward five-figure months yet it's very easy to hid behind.

In this program, we work on the mindset and the actual strategies behind audience growth. I'm also doing a whole new, live training on social media and visibility in 2024.

Lifestyle focus

The main goal of this program is to keep you focused on what's going to most move the needle in your business. What's going to make the difference. And to keep you OUT of shiny object syndrome. Whether it's motherhood, the desire to travel, date to find your soulmate, or whatever else is your "why" in your business, we care and will help.

The 3 Pillars of Scale Your Side Hustle®


We have three group coaching calls per month. One led by Leah, and two led by our in-house side hustle coach, Abby, who has supported Scale Your Side Hustle® students for the past four years.


Between every coaching call, you have a private Slack Channel Monday- Friday. You'll hear from Abby with any question you have within 24 hours, so you'll never be left alone in analysis paralysis again!


With a staggering 100+ pieces of content, you'll need not look outside of Scale Your Side Hustle® for any business help. We support you through the modules. Say goodbye to shiny object syndrome!

May 2016- Started my website  

I saved up for about two weeks to purchased a $50 Ebook on starting a WordPress blog. Woke up an extra hour early before my paralegal job to buy it and implement it. I was so excited!  

June 2016- Moved to Southeast Asia  

Declined my acceptances from law school. Realized that I no longer saw the point in working as a paralegal if my legal career was a dead end, so I quit my job and bought a one-way ticket to Cambodia. I stayed there for four months working on my website, freelance writing, and traveling. This is where I first started learning about making money online, but I felt like everyone was further ahead than I was...

The coast of Vietnam!

Barcelona- where everything changed for me.

May 2017- Hired a blogging coach  

Felt that my blog wasn’t taking off so I hired a mentor. Maybe you know that same frustration? She taught me how to make my first digital product and we mapped out a launch plan.  

November 2017- Barcelona  

One of the most pivotal moments in my life. It was during this trip that I first truly experienced the reality and possibility of passive income- making money online while traveling. I was hooked and came back to the USA more determined than ever to quit my job by NYE 2019. I gave myself a year.

March 2018- Tragedy- I lost my father  

Tragedy struck. I suddenly lost my beloved father out of the blue and in many ways I felt paralyzed for months. However, this motivated me to play a much bigger game and put myself out there more. It was the “in my face” proof that life is short. I decided that I could not wait until NYE to leave my job and would no longer sell myself short. So, I set the timeline to resign in six months.  

March 2018- I started a year-long entrepreneurship program  

In light of my new timeline and my refusal to ever play small again, I started a year-long entrepreneurship program. It was a $5,000 that I did not have and had to put on a credit card.

Invested in myself, finally.

I put together all my success in one program.

May 2018- I launched Scale Your Side Hustle®  

Created what would become one of my best programs to date, Scale Your Side Hustle®, based on the success I had experienced while traveling in Spain and the previous year making $1,000+ per month from my side hustle.  

This program went on to helps dozens of ambitious side hustlers start successful side hustles, launch their businesses, and leave their 9-5 jobs to work for themselves.  

August 2018- 9-5 salary surpassed my side hustle 

Four months after my dad passed away and I began making more from my side hustle than I was from my day job ($4,000 and up per month!)  

September 2018- I resign

Like clockwork, six months after my dad’s tragic passing, I was able to resign. I had spent the last six months working night and day on my business, getting up at the crack of dawn and not going out on weekends. My salary had surpassed my day job income and I was ready to fly.  

November 2018- My first five-figure month  

Turns out any rumors about self-employment being financially risky weren’t turning up for me! I started making five-figures per month and it didn’t stop. 

May 2019- Hit six-figures while 26 years old!  

Hit six-figures in under 11 months while 26 years old.

August 2019- My first $30,000 cash month  

Knocked my own socks off with a $30k+ month two months out from my wedding- talk about one of the busiest but BEST times of my life.

My empty desk! Last day at a 9-5 job. 

Had my dream NYC Wedding

October 2019- Got Married

Was able to have a wedding I never could've managed while still at a 9-5 job in the heart of New York City.  

March 2020- Hired My Sister Full-Time 

Hired my first full-time employee, my own sister, who left her job at a hedge fund to work and create with me every day.

October 2020- My first six-figure month 

Experienced my first six-figure month after moving to Miami. Celebrated by donating to organizations supporting women and entrepreneurship.

March 2021- Our team expands

My sister was promoted to being a fellow coach in the business after working with so many of our clients itself. We hired two new roles to come into the business.

April 2021- I became pregnant

My life changed forever when I found out that my husband and I were expecting our first baby!

August 2021- Hit seven figures

Celebrated our first SEVEN-figure sales year in the world's most beautiful city... Paris!

November 2021- Became a mom

My sweet baby boy was born on Thanksgiving in November 2021, starting a maternity leave I was able to take, and entire new lifestyle, that were all thanks to my own business.

Celebrating our first million-dollar year in Paris, while six-months pregnant! 

I went from a "for fun" side hustle  

to ---> 

Six-figure months with my location-independent business  

Working in Mykonos, Greece 

Working in Tel Aviv, Israel

Working in Chicago, Illinois

Working in Los Angeles, California

Working in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Only 6% of all small businesses and start ups ever hit six figures.

We have Scale Your Side Hustle® alum who currently have six or SEVEN-figure businesses, and that percentage is constantly growing.

Your biggest risk is not getting this support...

Our success rates prove that Scale Your Side Hustle® has what you need to create a six or seven-figure business.

(It's happened too many times to be a fluke or just luck)

But, you might be wondering... what about the other 75%?!
I get it. When I was starting to invest in my business, I wanted a program with a 100% success rate.

I was terrified of being the exception to the testimonials, and ending up totally wasting money. Money that I didn't have, I might add (I put my initial business investments on a credit card.)

I knew the coach couldn't guarantee anything, but I wanted as close to a promised ROI as I could get.
So, what's the deal with other 75%? Can I promise you won't be in that percentile?

Let's take a look...

Some are side-hustling....

This is a program that's conducive to those with 9-5 jobs, and it's a foundational business program. It's something you could grow around your day job if that's what you choose to do, and that's exactly what some do choose to do. Many of our alumni simply don't have interest in leaving their 9-5 and have taken the tools from the program to create a secondary income stream.

Some are on their way....

Everyone's journey is different. For instance, one recent grad was pregnant during the program and recently had a baby. Naturally, took her foot off the gas for a bit while she had a baby! She still is in the process of building her foundation. This course is about building a foundation for a six/seven figure business, it's not a get-rich-quick curriculum.

Some honestly quit....

Some honestly quit... this will always be the case. Take Tony Robbins, perhaps the most successful coach of all time. He shares that nearly all (90%+) of those that come to his events leave and never implement a single thing. The online course industry only has a 3% completion rate (!!).

You get to choose your destiny

No one is going to do it for you.
Here's your chance to take action and truly change the course of your business.

Join the Scale Your Side Hustle® Waitlist

Hear what our Scale Your Side Hustle® alumni have to say from their experience...

"Within a month I raised my freelance price from $40/hr to $97/hr - and people were actually paying it! All of a sudden I was making more than I ever had on my own AND freed up time to focus on actually building out a business instead of just chasing freelance projects. At the end of the program, I was no longer hourly and booked my first client on a much higher ticket monthly retainer."

-Stephanie Schloss

"Working with Leah and her team has been the best decision I have ever made for myself and my now growing business, and it has truly changed the trajectory of my life. I wouldn't be the person I am today without Leah, Scale Your Side Hustle®, and the other amazing coaches you get to work with within the program."

- Allie Boone

"Leah's approach to business and your mindset is truly incredible and effective. I went into Scale Your Side Hustle® with just a hint of a business idea and a week and a half in I had my first client. If you want to bring your goals to life, Leah’s guidance will absolutely help you get there."

- Erica Muller

Imagine A World In Which You...

  • Create a side business that is completely your own. You know that you're not pouring everything into someone elses dream or vision, but are investing in YOU.  
  • Transform your financial reality. Be the one that is ahead of their financial goals, no longer live on one paycheck, and with an unlimited amount of income potential.  
  • Sell with confidence and ease. Let go of a fear of being salesly and no longer wonder where to find clients or customers.  
  • Impact the lives of others. Your business is not just about your success, it's also about the difference you can make by getting out there. But that won't happen unless you step it up.  
  • Make thousands of dollars a month. That means more from your side hustle than your day job. Double income!  
  • Enjoy a community. You're not meant to do this alone! Imagine having a community of like-minded and supportive side hustlers and entrepreneurs in your corner.
  • Design your life. The truth is that side hustling isn't just about money, it's about filling in all the blanks of your life and creating the reality you most desire. 

"When I began my business, I never could have imagined having 5-figure months. Because of Leah’s help I had the knowledge, will power, and self drive to make this happen."  

  - Anna McNaught, Scale Your Side Hustle® Grad  

But it doesn't have to be like that.  

Enter Scale Your Side Hustle®...

The single most elite and accelerated self-study program out there for successful side hustlers with 16 focused modules.

This program will teach you everything you need to build the foundation and be the next side hustle success story.

Meet your Scale Your Side Hustle® coaches:

Your fearless leaders through your side hustle journey that have led hundreds (no, really) to side hustle success. (We promise we didn't color coordinate the photos below.)

Leah Gervais

Leah is the founder of the business and the creator of Scale Your Side Hustle®, which is based off of her own six-month transformation from side hustle struggle to self-employed. She leads one coaching call per week and loves getting into the thick of side hustle strategy.

Leah will host one Q&A call per month in 2024.

Abby Gervais

Abby is the head coach at Team LG. She's worked with side hustlers and full-time entrepreneurs to move out of their own way and take massive action, and since joining Team LG, she helped the business 5x its revenue. She has supported our clients on her own for over a year and is masterful with mindset work.

Abby has supported the clients in Scale Your Side Hustle® for years. Take advantage of her wealth of knowledge!

Abby will host two Q&A calls per month in 2024 and will manage the Slack channel.

Why this program works:

Like-Minded Entrepreneurs

  • A group program will provide you with the peer support that will make all the difference in you achieving your goals. I know what it's like to share my income and impact dreams to my friends and family, only from them to respond in a not understanding or not supportive way. Not exactly the support needed to make my dreams come true!
  • When you're going for your dreams, pursuing entrepreneurship, shifting your life and transforming your financial reality, it's extremely important to surround yourself with support, positivity, compassion and understanding.
  • You'll feel the benefit of a group throughout the entire program. From the peer calls where you can learn from one another, in the Slack group where you can support each other, while still benefiting from individualized support as this is not a large group program.

A Coach and Mentor

  • One of the most surefire ways to grow your business, your income, and reach your goals is by learning from people who have already achieved them! This seems obvious, yet so many resist from reaching out for help or investing in themselves with mentorship or coaching. 
  • Our team of coaches completely understand feeling careful with where you invest, and encourage you to do so! But, in my experience, the times when I didn't hire help and tried to figure things out myself ending up costing me a lot more time and money than if I had just gotten help
  • This program is going to walk you through everything I've learned in building a business around my day job, generating consistent passive income, and creating a scalable platform that allows me to make me more money than I do at my day job! Learn in these 90 days what took me years to learn! 

Ready to change your life?

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The Modules....

Intro Materials

  • Taking Inspired Action
  • SYSH Alum Case Study


  • Making Decisions
  • Defending Doubts
  • Gratitude
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Creation vs. Competition
  • Self-Care

Business Clarity

  • SMART Goals
  • Clarity on your Desires
  • Expecting Fear
  • Non-Negotiable
  • Your Speech & Thoughts
  • Your Uninterrupted Work Time
  • Celebrating Every Success

Business' Mission

  • Your Story
  • Your Obstacles
  • Your Strengths
  • Stage Exercise
  • Podcast Exercise
  • Podcast Exercise
  • Thank you Note Exercise
  • Problem Your Mission Solves


  • Who You're Connecting With
  • Crafting the Service
  • Clarity with the Transformation You Offer to Whom
  • Content of Your Service
  • The Logistics of your Service

Business Strategy

  • Your Business Funnel
  • Your Big Picture
  • Nurturing (Emails)
  • Nurturing (Social Media)


  • Mindset
  • Brand Story
  • Pinterest Board
  • Brand Style
  • Pinterest Revisited
  • Emotion
  • Where to Invest


  • List-Building Mindset
  • Your First Opt-In
  • Planning Your Opt-In
  • Researching Opt-Ins
  • Creating Opt-Ins
  • Promoting
  • Sending Emails
  • Getting started with your CRM
  • Collecting Emails with CRM

Creating a Website

  • Website Mindset
  • Essential Pages and Posts
  • Understanding Blogging
  • Understanding SEO
  • Cornerstone Content

Social Media

  • Facebook Business Page
  • Facebook Groups
  • Facebook Lives


  • The Three "S" Strategy
  • Using the "S" Strategy with Instagram Stories


  • Facebook Ads 101
  • Breaking Ads Down
  • Ad Set Level


  • The Sales of Service
  • Nailing Sales Calls
  • Sales Call Training with Leah
  • How I landed my First High Ticket Client - Video

Digital Products

  • What's a Tripwire?
  • Researching Your Own Tripwire
  • How to Create Tripwires
  • Payment Processing System
  • The Sales Page
  • Why Online Courses?
  • What is Your Course on?
  • Mapping Out Your Course
  • Selling the Course

Pinterest and SEO

  • Your Profile
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Branding on Pinterest
  • Adding Pins to Your Website
  • Understanding Pinterest Search Results
  • Groups Boards
  • Scheduling Your Pins

Mindset Tools Moving Forward

  • Detaching from Timelines
  • Subconscious Reprogram
  • Inspired Action
  • Get in Momentum
  • Decisions
  • Abundance Mindset

Legal Details

  • Q&A with a Lawyer

Slack Channel

For the duration of the program, you will be added to our community Slack channel. You will be joined by other Scale Your Side Hustle® members where you can use the platform as a space to connect and ask questions to other members and Abby.

Coaching Calls

Every month, you will have three group coaching calls. Two will be hosted by our lead coach, Abby and one call a month hosted by Leah. We allow one off week so you are able to implement the work we do together on the week we don't have a call. This gives you a chance to ask Leah and Abby questions and connect with your fellow Scale Your Side Hustle® members.

Scale Your Side Hustle® Success Story!
Meet Danielle

“Scale Your Side Hustle® was one of THE best investments I’ve made in my business"

“During the program I had unwavering support through a successful product launch, and since completing the program I have doubled my email list subscribers and monthly income. It gave me the discipline to work diligently on a different part of my business every week, and the knowledge and tools I need to scale upwards in ways I hadn’t even thought of before. The group of motivated like-minded women made me look forward to our weekly calls, not to mention they were total boss babes who pushed me to be a better version of myself. Leah was open, attentive, and supportive throughout it all - she truly wants to see you succeed and gives you an action plan to get to where you want to be. I highly recommend this program and you WILL make your investment back. Cannot thank you enough Leah!" - Danielle, the WanderLover

Danielle and Leah met when Danielle was working on Wall Street as a recent college graduate. She knew she was meant for something more, but had no idea how to make that happen. Fast forward, and she's now living in Bali full-time as a travel influencer at @TheWanderLover! 

Ready to change your life?

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Plus, over $2,500 in bonuses! Yours free!

Limitless List
Email Marketing Course

($597 value)- Get our email list-building course totally free. Learn how to grow an email list that produces sales for you and all the creative ways you can grow your business with a great email list.

The Scale Your Side Hustle® Success Roadmap
Student Case Study

($250 value)- Take a behind-the-scenes look at one of SYSH's most successful alumni. This student went into SYSH with no business, no website and selling nothing, and three months later was already making thousands per month from her side hustle. She made a step-by-step guide of what she did each week to stay focused and achieve such results. 

Plan for Success Power Bundle

($247 value)- See the behind-the-scenes of how we plan our quarters for success and how we help our high level clients plan their businesses. This is typically something only available to our 1:1 clients, who invest over five-figures into working with us.

"Before Scale Your Side Hustle®, I lacked clarity, direction and didn't believe in myself. But now, I have a niche, I know where to focus my energy and efforts and I show up as a CEO every day. I found my true passion, met and worked with amazing women who continue to support me along my journey and I have created 2 programs! I absolutely recommend Scale Your Side Hustle® for anyone wants to grow their business!"

  - Rachel Covington, Scale Your Side Hustle® Grad  

Who am I, anyway...?

I'm Leah & I'm here to make your side hustle a success.

I started my business as a for fun blog in 2016. I had no idea that in two years, it would go from creative side hustle, to a full side business that earns six-figures per MONTH.

In building my website and business, I have tried everything under the sun, and I know what works. I am now an email marketing expert and spend my days supporting entrepreneurs in success mindset.

 And I know this:  

  • You DO have enough time, even with a 9-5.
  • Your idea IS good enough, it just needs structure.
  • You CAN monetize to make more than your day job. 
  • You DEFINITELY DO NOT need to do this alone.  

That's just what this program is here for!

From the Scale Your Side Hustle® Alum...

"Before Scale Your Side Hustle®, I was throwing things at the wall to see if it would stick, but wasn't truly able to figure out how to build my own business. I signed up for some other courses, but found without the structure, coaching, and network that I was having a hard time applying it. After this program, my outlook on my business changed.If you are thinking about Scale Your Side Hustle® to figure out how to turn a side hobby into a business, this is your program! Leah's guidance & the group will get you into gear with your business!"

- Kristie Lee, Travel Agent

"I started my business from scratch. I didn't even have an idea before the program started and now I have 5 paying clients that would like to continue with me even after their program is over! I now know that there are no limits to my income or what I can do with my own business. I am also so humbled by the support from my family and friends that I did not expect to receive, as well as the support system I have gained through the other women in the Scale Your Side Hustle® cohort."

- Olivia Whalen, Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach

"Leah’s group was just what I needed to take the next step in my side hustle. There’s something to be said about being a part of a community who is supportive, driven and going through the same journey you are! And when paired with the amazing resources that are available to you and the weekly calls, this group was the perfect formula for me to get my business off the ground."

- Rachel Cabakoff, Copywriter

"I learned so much from Leah and she was such a good mentor to have in my corner. I can’t thank her enough for showing me the way and giving me the confidence to go after my dream. I highly recommend Leah."

- Hannah Nieves, Scale Your Side Hustle® Grad  

Ready to change your life?

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Don't become another failed side hustle...

Here are the most common reasons why:

1. Do you understand marketing?

It doesn't matter if you have the best product or service in the world. If your audience doesn't know about it, it won't sell, and you won't make money. You must have a clear understanding of your customer journey and sales process to make this work sustainability. We teach this!

2. How committed are you?

One of the reasons I almost failed, and didn't make money for two years was because I was doing this: working half in and half out. I was constantly stopping myself from getting support, putting myself out there, or selling because I never felt ready. This lukewarm commitment level is why I didn't get results!

3. Are you willing to imperfectly try?

No one has all the answers when they start. They might not have clarity on their niche or even what they want to offer. They vision might not even be fully formed. But they believe this is worth pursuing and start anyway. Don't let the illusion of perfection keep you stuck.

From the Scale Your Side Hustle® Alum...

"I came into the program with a business idea and walked out of it with a coaching business. I am beyond grateful to finally have the business I have been planning for 2 years! It blows my mind that if I had made the decision to join Scale Your Side Hustle® sooner, I would be lightyears ahead now. I not only have a business now, but I am gaining confidence in pursuing leads! (I’ve never sold anything before) And to top it off, I wrote my first article contribution as a career coach while in Scale Your Side Hustle®."

Mariana Cruz, Career Coach for STEAM women

"Before starting this program, I was still in my 9-5 with EVERY desire to get out. I had credit card debt, and I felt like I was lacking direction...
I have learned how to create a business around what my ideal client wants, instead of selling them what I think they need. With that, I have a business I can scale, and options to help clients in various capacities. I officially turned in my two weeks today, and I am going to start actually living the life I want to live--instead of just talking about it!"

- Olivia Talley, Dating Coach

Scale Your Side Hustle® Success Story! Meet Tanya

Tanya joined Scale Your Side Hustle® with just an idea, under a year ago. Today, she is self-employed, leaving an $80k job, celebrating five-figures months!

"I started Leah’s Scale Your Side Hustle® with a domain name and idea for a side business and not much else. I knew my earning potential was so much more than my great 9-5 sales job, and I wanted to see what I could do with the right tools and a mentor.  

I was not prepared for what 90 days in this program would yield. Between modules, the support of peers and Leah in the Facebook group and the accountability of a weekly call with personalised support, I discovered a drive I didn’t know I had. I built a roadmap and exceeded all my goals in my second month in business: 10+ discovery calls, 4 clients, over $2K in sales, 2 digital products, 200 professional pictures taken and over 1,000 on my email list. The program has set me up to completely change my life.  

If you’re considering seriously doing a side hustle, don’t venture into it alone. Untap your potential and create a career by investing in yourself."  

"Over $2K in sales in my second month in business"

Scale Your Side Hustle® Success Story! Meet Ines  

"Working with Leah was a game changer and the best thing that happen to me this year! From our first phone talk I was convinced that Leah would deliver exactly what I needed: meaning a strategic plan in order to create my online business while still having a 9 to 5 job. I have never met such a driven, positive and well organize entrepreneur women!  

Every module of Scale Your Side Hustle® is packed with valuable information and enabled me to reflect and find solutions by myself. Every week, I was looked forward to our group call because I knew I would learn even more and be able to ask her direct questions regarding my struggles and be sure that she would put me back on track and motivate me. The whole course was life changing and really empowering.  

If you are lost and need precise guidance on how to set up a profitable side or even main hustle, and need someone who will show you the way and empower you along the way, Leah is THE coach you need!"  

She took Scale Your Side Hustle® with a beginner website, an new Instagram account, and a dream to leave her 9-5 job and travel full-time.  

By the end of the year, she had done just that. She had launched an email list, group programs, and quit her job. She spent six months this year traveling throughout South America and growing her droolworthy Instagram (@Ines_Schubi) and working for herself.  

To say her life transformed in a year is an understatement! It's been amazing to see this amazing girl flourish.

FAQ Your questions answered...

#1. Is there a guarantee?  

If you go through the program and implement it all, you will see results in your side hustle success. Guaranteed. We, obviously, can’t guarantee a certain income level, as so much of your success will depend on how much effort you put into the program. The more you put into it, the more you get out of it.  

If you implement the information in the program and, for any reason, do not see the results, contact us at and we will be more than happy to help you.

#2. Do I need to have my side hustle idea formulated before I invest?  

You don’t. All you need to know about your side hustle idea is that you want it to be online and scale-able. The program has an entire module that helps you fine-tune your niche, mission statement, and offerings. Additionally, every single business will change with time. Even if you go into this program with a laminated mission statement, it will change. So the best thing you can do is start early!  

#4. I have a demanding 9-5 job. How much time does this take?  

I recommend spending about 2-4 hours on each module, between working through the workbooks and implementation. You can do one module a week and see results. This may take some sacrifice, but that’s what weeds out the successful vs. those who never go for their dreams.  

#5. I already have a side hustle. How will this help me?  

That’s wonderful! If you aren’t making thousands per month from your side hustle yet, this program can help show you how to do that. If you’re sick of spending hours on social media with no results, selling $50 products that don’t move the needle, freelancing, or blogging with no results, this program will get you on track.  

#6. Where is coaching done?

All coaching will be done exclusively through the program channels: our Facebook group and our group coaching calls.

There will be no coaching done through Instagram message, FB message, direct messages, direct emails, or any other channel not within the program channels listed above.

For anything else other than coaching, such as tech questions, call replays, logistics, payments, or any other questions, please contact us at

#7. Will this actually work for me?  

If you’re feeling hopeful but skeptical at this point, you’re just like the several successful alumni of Scale Your Side Hustle®. Many had skepticism about actually being able to start their business and change their life. And yet, today they are on the other side. Self-employed and running their businesses. I too was skeptical when I started my business and invested in a program, but that actually propelled me more to prove my belief in myself right.  

Scale Your Side Hustle® Success Story! Meet Drew...

"Tripled my income in a matter of months" during Scale Your Side Hustle®

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"Leah is one of the most gifted people I've worked with in over six years. Her knowledge of all things online business (ex. marketing, strategy, sales) is top notch. She cares about her clients getting big results and puts 110% into her programs and courses. Work with her and your life is bound to change, and your business will see more success than ever before."

- Emily Williams, Founder of I Heart My Life and 7-Figure Success Coach  

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"Every week you see your side hustle grow, one step at a time"

"Scale Your Side Hustle® was wonderful. It is full of content! Every week something new. Every week you find yourself growing in your side hustle one step at a time. On the group calls, you get to talk to her one on one and your classmates can listen too. The Facebook group is awesome as well. My favorite part... a small classroom. I liked this because you still have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd and have other’s opinions too. My classmates are awesome people as well. We are in different parts of the world. We help and encourage one another. We were all on the same journey with making our side hustles great. We even all had a variety of different side hustles. How awesome is that? One course that is applicable to any side hustle! I had my tough times though figuring out my website or making decisions. Nothing that Leah couldn’t help me figure out. Thank you, Leah!" - Erica Terry, Graphic Designer

"My subscriber list doubled!"

"I wanted to grow, nurture, and communicate on a more regular basis with my target audience. I knew I could do the research and learn how to do this on my own, but I also knew that if I worked with a business coach, I could do it faster. And after a brief introductory phone call, I knew Leah had the knowledge and experience I was looking for. Since working with her, my subscriber list has almost doubled. I have more active communication with people on my Facebook business page. I am more confident in my ability to create and mange Facebook ads, write sales copy. I can now also find my way around Mail Chimp much more easily. Leah is professional, proactive, and prompt; energetic and friendly. She pushed and listened in equal measure, always seeming to know which one I needed. Her passion for entrepreneurship and her excitement about sharing her experience so that her clients have an easier, quicker road to success drives her daily. She is an entrepreneur with a quick mind and a big heart who cares about building community and success beyond her own."

Ready to change your life?

Choose your payment option below!