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Build the structure for a six figure side hustle from the ground up, learn the strategies that generate $5K - $10k per month, and ignite your side hustle success!

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Here's what to expect...

Get the three foundational modules from our signature coaching program, Scale Your Side Hustle, to see what the foundation of a six figure side hustle really looks like

Module 1

Becoming a Successful Side Hustler

Learn all the mindset shifts that have helped me and so many of my clients move through the fear of starting a new business, putting yourself out there, ignoring doubts (yours and others), finding your purpose, and living out the highest version of your life.

Module 2

Clarifying Your Vision & Side Hustle

Not sure what exactly to start on? We've got you! Go through our exercises to help you find your zone of genius, what lights you up, what you can monetize, and how you can get started!

Module 3

The Side Business Blueprint

Some say that the secret to success is just good planning. Well, we can't argue with that with the power of this Blueprint. See exactly how to bring all the thoughts in your head into a clear funnel and process and watch your business blossom.

The $5,000 per Month Side Hustle Breakdown

Get three modules on absolutely everything that goes into making $5,000 per month from your side hustle online. Everything from selling, servicing, systems, and what to sell!


Assess Your Business and Systems

Make sure that your existing infrastructure is actually ready to sell $5,000 worth of sales per month. This isn’t about adding to your to-do list, it’s about auditing and optimizing what you currently have. This includes:

  • Setting up your email marketing (if applicable)
  • Reviewing your current email marketing strategy
  • Understanding advanced (but simple) social media techniques to grow your audience


Sales Breakdown

Ensure that you’re selling $5,000 worth of products and/or services in a realistic way. Considering your capacity, audience size, offerings, and so on, shape your sales to be tailored to you and meet your income goal. This includes:

  • Learning 3 different but simple breakdowns of $5,000/month
  • Considering services that your audience would love
  • Understanding passive products and how the two can work together  


Selling Strategy and Funnels

Now that you’ve reviewed your business and what you’re going to sell, shape your strategy to generate that $5,000 mark. This will be different for every business, which is why it’s so helpful to personally review it with Leah. This includes:  

  • Getting specific about where you’ll find your perfect clients/customers
  • Strategizing email marketing and social media marketing for the month
  • Creating irresistible sales pages 

Here are the details...

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  • Get all of the information that'll help you start or scale a six figure side hustle
  • Watch your competence, productivity and success BOOM
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Some of our side hustle
success stories:

"Working with Leah has given me the inspiration and the proof that I could create an online business around my 9-5 job and live off my passion for food and fitness. Thanks to her I have launched several programs and built a community that I am proud of, and that enabled me to quit my 9-5 and backpack through South America while working on my business!"

- Ines Schuber, digital nomad + vegan blogger

"Before SYSH, I lacked clarity, direction and didn't believe in myself. But now, I have a niche, I know where to focus my energy and efforts and I show up as a CEO every day. I found my true passion, met and worked with amazing women who continue to support me along my journey and I have created 2 programs geared towards helping others build a healthy mindset and achieve their goals! I absolutely recommend SYSH for anyone wants to grow their business!"

- Rachel Covington, blogger and mindset coach

"I worked with Leah in SYSH and in her group 4 mentoring program. I learned so much from Leah and she was such a good mentor to have in my corner. I can’t thank her enough for showing me the way and giving me the confidence to go after my dream. I highly recommend Leah."

- Hannah Neives, PR consultant for luxe entrepreneurs

"2 years ago I was working a 9-5 job and living in LA unsure of what was next with my career and business. Now, I’m working for myself, traveling full time with my husband, and making money doing the things I love most. I’ve been able to spend the past few months traveling without feeling stressed about money, begin a new business with my husband, and wake up each morning ready to conquer the day."

- Anna McNaught, artist and digital nomad influencer

"Before Scale Your Side Hustle, my travel agency business was a passion project. I was throwing things at the wall to see if it would stick, but wasn't truly able to figure out how to build my own business. After this program, my outlook on my business changed. I finally got serious about investing the time, money, resources to make it actually function. If you are thinking about SYSH to figure out how to turn a side hobby into a business, this is your program! Leah's guidance & the group will get you into gear with your business!"

- Kristie Lee, travel agent

Who created this:

I'm Leah! I started my website as a for fun blog in 2016. I had no idea that in two years, it would go from creative side hustle, to a full side business that earns me more each month than I make at my 9-5 job and eventually become my full-time job and then a six-figure business!  

In building my website and business, I have tried everything under the sun, and I know what works. I am now an email marketing expert and spend my days supporting entrepreneurs in success mindset.

 And I know this:  

  • You DO have enough time, even with a 9-5.
  • Your idea IS good enough, it just needs structure.
  • You CAN monetize to make more than your day job. 
  • You DEFINITELY DO NOT need to do this alone.

I'm ready for a Six Figure Side Hustle Starter Bundle!

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