Six-Figure MONTHS
Live, Virtual Party

It might sound too good to be true, but here's the thing... it CAN be true for you.

I had my first six-figure sales month two years ago and it was undoubtedly the most transformational milestone of my business. Will you say and be next?!

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Where do you even start with seven-figure months?

I'm Leah, an online business coach, QUEEN of online marketing and with mindset superhero.

✨ I'm a new mama, work only three days a week, and took nine weeks of paid maternity leave

✨ I live, work, and play using my feminine intuition as my north star, and do it all inside the masculine structured "house" or foundation I create. I love both.

✨ I'm a marketing QUEEN. I make hundreds of thousands of dollars from emails alone each year. I am amazing with paid ads. I don't really like social media but I do know what does and doesn't work on it.

✨ I'm a mindset master and seeing the blocks people have in front of them preventing them from their success is my super power

But... just like you, and every one else, I started with zero.

  • I started my business with $0 in income
  • I started with 0 followers
  • I started with $0 start up money (went into cc debt)
  • I started with 0 years in business or sales experience

And I knew if I was going to start with odds stacked against me, I wasn't going to play small. That's what this is all about.

What's this live party all about?!

Details of the event!

  • Monday, Sept. 19
  • 2:30 PM ET- 3:30 PM ET
  • Via Zoom
  • Totally FREE event

What will we cover?

  • 3 real breakdowns of different six-figure months
  • 5 mindset shifts + approaches that go into this success
  • 3 action steps for you to take toward your own six-figure months

Who is this for?

The entrepreneur who is...

  • Not available to play small
  • Knows six figures is just the beginning
  • Craves more time for herself and her family