Essential Sales Call Checklist

Learn the five keys I use in every sales call, and expect:

  • CLARITY on what to say during sales conversations
  • EXCITEMENT from those getting on the phone with you
  • CONVERSIONS to go up, thanks to the one question I ask on every single sales call   Plus, receive our free value-packed weekly emails. 

The entrepreneur behind this guide...  

I'm Leah, leading online business coach, obsess with using mindset and marketing to transform your online business, and thus, you're life. I’m so excited to share this checklist with you- the product of having converted hundreds of thousands of dollars with sales calls and supporting my clients in doing the same.

As such, I have a unique privilege of seeing what it takes to conduct a successful sales call. When I say successful sales call, I don’t necessarily mean a sales call that turns into a sale. I mean a call that feels good for both you and your prospect, that doesn’t feel sales-y, and that does result in a purchase so long as this is the right client for you. It gives you permission to only work with those that you want!