Power Hour 

There's no better gift you can give your business than an uninterrupted session to dive deep into your strategy, your goals, and what's next. 

This is the perfect fit for someone who needs to be proactive about getting off the entrepreneurial merry-go-round.  

The never ending to-do lists, the busy work, and going through the motions will not get you to your next level. Take yourself out of the grind for just long enough to get clear and strategic about intentional action that works.


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Order Summary
Power Hour
Power Hour

I had worked with Leah before and wanted to get her opinion on my plans for an upcoming launch, a new funnel and my vision before I went all in. This intensive was incredible valuable for everything I got out of it, and how deep we were able to go in a relatively short amount of time.  

What I love about work with Leah - whether it's a 6-month mastermind or a 90-minute intensive - is the balance between mindset work and tactical work. She helped me ideate a lead magnet, challenged some ideas I had for the launch, made me commit to a due date, and even shared some of her own launch tips and tricks.  

I wasn't ready for longer-term coaching at the time because of work I'm doing on my business and scaling my team, but this was the perfect sounding board and encouragement I needed to really commit to my next level plans and tactics. Thank you Leah, as always!

- Tanya, Facebook Ads + Marketing Strategist