Mindset Power Hour 

Building your business online will come with challenges, especially when it comes to your mindset. There is nothing better you can do for yourself and for your business than maintain a positive growth mindset. By understanding and shifting your mindset, you can determine your outcomes.

This is your opportunity to work with our lead coach, Abby and take a deep dive into what mindset strategies you can implement today to keep you in momentum and be the best possible version of yourself.

This is the perfect fit for someone who wants to tap into what may be holding you back and what can keep you moving forward.  


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Power Hour
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"During the couple of months of working 1:1 with Abby, I was able to see my online offerings in a new way! Abby helped me take the products I already had combined with the strengths she saw and build on those offerings to create higher priced products. She really helped me see that I have all of the pieces needed to scale my online business, all I had to do was to ensure I was staying in front of my audience and offering them the products.

She was great about helping me think about alternative ways to build upon the ideas I already had. Abby was extremely encouraging and there whenever I needed help throughout the week. She was attentive and always came with new ideas and feedback from our previous call."

- Aqura Nicholson, Financial Coach and Planner