Monthly Reports

Download the following:

  • Breakdowns of a $14k, $26k, and $78k month from behind-the-scenes
  • Units and offerings sold every month to breakdown the revenue
  • Overview of what worked and what didn't work every month.

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The entrepreneur behind this guide...  

I'm Leah, leading online business coach, obsess with using mindset and marketing to transform your online business, and thus, you're life. Just a few years ago, I started my online business while making an entry-level salary as a paralegal, while living in New York City, one of the most expensive cities in the world. Turning my annual income into my monthly income changed my life.

I've always tried to be transparent about my income and my business growth. That's why we made these reports. They're an inside snapshot at what a $14k, $26k, and $78k month look like in our business. My hope is that this creates a point of reference for entrepreneurs wanting to get their income up to the multiple five and six figures per month!