See inside the strategies of our first seven-figure sales year...
all in our new Ebook!

I'm in, Leah!

Because seven figures changes things.

You've seen the seven figure success stories of online businesses on Instagram. But you're not exactly sure what went on behind the scenes to create that. Until now.

Introducing the tell-all Ebook that breaks down exactly how we get people to know us (get visible), like us (nurture them), and trust us (make sales).

My business didn't start at seven figures.

It started five years ago as a blog that chronicled my journey away from graduate school, corporate America, and antiquated ideas of "security," and into entrepreneurship.

I started with:

  • Zero followers on social media
  • An email list of 3 people (me, my boyfriend and mom)
  • No background in digital marketing
  • A terrible, woe is me mindset
  • No start up money or savings to spend on my business

I hit seven-figures in sales...!

Here's what the five years of my business journey looked like.


  • Surpassed my 9-5 income with my side hustle
  • Handed in my resignation
  • Had my first five-figure month
  • Had my first six-figure year,
  • Hired my sister to work with me full-time
  • Grew my team to six women
  • Celebrated my first seven-figure year in Paris, while six months pregnant!

I hit seven-figures in sales...!

Here's what the five years of my business journey looked like.


  • Surpassed my 9-5 income with my side hustle
  • Handed in my resignation
  • Had my first five-figure month
  • Had my first six-figure year,
  • Hired my sister to work with me full-time
  • Grew my team to six women
  • Celebrated my first seven-figure year in Paris, while six months pregnant!

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What's inside the Ebook...

Part 1: Know
How we get visible

This section will focus on the means we most focused on for visibility in our seven-figure year.

These are the strategies we use to get people from having no idea who in the daylights I am, to discovering my brand.

We transparently share who on our team handles each pillar of visibility to support you in making decisions about visibility for yourself.

Part 2: Like
How we nurture

This chapter is broken into two sections:

  • The platforms we use to nurture our audience, complete with frequency of content and how we reach our audience
  • The frameworks we use to create content that actually turns an audience into paying customers

Learn all the different ways we consistently nurture our audience, making sales natural and honestly, easy!

Part 3: Trust
How we make sales

We’re breaking down the exact marketing strategies we used to successfully sell our high-ticket offerings during our first seven-figure year.

Specifically, we cover:

  • All the strategies we use to sell our high-ticket offerings (1:1 coaching, our Masterminds, and our VIP Days)
  • The entirety of our group program launch plan, including a calendar, sales techniques, etc.

This is for you if... 

You’re an online business owner (established or aspiring) and want to see inside the marketing strategies of a seven-figure online business. We hold nothing back in sharing the exact strategies that we use, no fluff. Take them and use them for your own business!

I'm Leah,
the author...

I built my online coaching and content business from the ground up since it started as a (somewhat humiliating attempt of a) blog.

In under five years, I went from a paycheck to paycheck side hustler to have six-figure months, all working from my 13″ in laptop.

More importantly, I’ve been able to help hundreds of entrepreneurs grow their business and income. I do this through my expertise in digital marketing and entrepreneurship mindset.

I hit my first seven-figure sales year (while six months pregnant) and am here to share the exact strategies for sales, launching and marketing we used during that year.

Are you in?!

Immediate download for just $67

Our Clients' Success Stories:


“I’ve leveled up in entrepreneurship and made back my investment. Leah is such a kind soul who truly wants to see you succeed and helps you mentally & tactically. After working with her, I was able to launch a new website, launch my new ebook and ecourse, travel full-time and have clarity in my business direction with the support of other successful entrepreneurs. Her guidance is SO worth the investment every time, you won’t regret it! Thank you, Leah!” – Danielle Hu


“When I first wanted to start my entrepreneurial journey, I knew I wanted to create something online, but I had no clue how to go about it, no strategy in place and was a bit overwhelmed. Working with Leah has given me the inspiration and the proof that I could create an online business around my 9-5 job and live off my passion for food and fitness. Thanks to her I have launched several programs and built a community that I am proud of, and that enabled me to quit my 9-5 and backpack through South America while working on my business!” – Ines Schuber


“Working with Leah changed not only my business, but my life. I went from a stressed out, overworked freelance writer to a five-figure month entrepreneur in less than 30 days. For me, Leah’s mix of mindset and tactical advice was exactly what I needed to both give myself the permission and plan to create the success I always dreamed of. Throughout our time together, I went from $3K to $20K months, connected with the types of clients I always hoped to work with, and perhaps most importantly, realized how much I really had to offer.” – Dylan Essertier

"I'm making sales consistently with less effort"

“Before working with Leah: I was working on a business I wasn’t in love with, struggling to make consistent sales, and holding myself back from going all in. After working with Leah: I’ve launched a new business that I’m so passionate about, am making sales consistently with less effort, and am so excited to take my business to the next level. I’ve been able to hit my highest income month yet, even while dealing with personal struggles, have been able to run my business while supporting my family, and have given myself the gift of creating something I love.” 
– Alyssa Keil

Are you in?!

Immediate download for just $67

Your questions about the book, answered!

#1. I haven't started a business yet

We want to offer something with accessible pricing and with content that would apply to side hustlers, entrepreneurs of all industries, and even creatives within 9-5 jobs or start ups. Additionally, the focus of this bundle (Leah's first $10k month) was one of her hardest income goals to hit. We want to help as many others reach that as possible.

#2. Do I have access to this bundle Ebook?

Yes! Once you purchase this, it is yours for life.

#3. What is the refund policy?

Because you receive everything upon purchasing, no refunds are available once you purchase.

Client Success Stories 

Having a front row seat into the businesses, growth and lives of my clients is the best part of running this business. On this page, we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the successes of our amazing clients!

"Leah offers amazing support, accountability, and true partnership with Leah. I realize the impact of my gifts and talents and the way I am meant to follow our passion wholeheartedly. I have realized over $15,000 in sales. Leah is an amazing woman with an sharp business mind, savvy technology sense, vibrant energy, and an incredible heart.”

- Shannon McGorry, Founder of Love, Strength, and Grace

"My programs are full + still growing, my income has increased and I hit my first 10k+ sales month, and I have learned how to focus my efforts each month on growing my business, which has resulted in me launching my online membership! As a result, I’ve been able to travel + live out West all summer while building my business, to have a group of entrepreneurial women to support me that I didn’t have before, and I’m living the life I’ve always dreamed of because I finally have a fully online business!"

Jacquie Smith
Founder of Little Adapts by Jax

"I have to remember how fast this all happened. My first client was signed end of October (4 months ago). I now have five or six consistent clients at a time and a group that just launched. It’s crazy to think that in four months, this is what’s happening. This has been four months of really committing and making this work. It has been so fun to see the change happen for me and my clients."

Alli Williams
Founder of FinanciALLI Focused

“The time I spent working with Leah was absolutely life-changing. Before working with Leah, I was a side hustle hobbyist. I had an idea of what I wanted, I made small amounts of money (inconsistently) but lacked the practicality of an online business regimen/strategy to drive anything forward. I had contemplated hiring a Coach for sometime and I ultimately decided on Leah as I was impressed at everything she’d achieved at a young age. “ 

Rachele Voigt
Founder of RacheleRADIO

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Immediate download for just $67