The $50k Month Mama

Taking you inside making a full-time income with your online, service-based business, as a full-time mom. No nanny needed.

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You've been taught how to make money online

You've followed the mom-fluencers

But you've never been shown how to run a full-time business (mine makes $50k per month) WHILE being a full-time mom, no nanny in sight.

For the modern mama who...

Can't quiet her inner boss babe and doesn't want to try

As much as you love motherhood, you know it's not enough for you. Entrepreneurship quenches a thirst nothing else does, and you have no interest in kissing that dream goodbye in lieu of diapers.

Has no interest in missing out on motherhood

You can love it for other moms, but the day care or nanny route just doesn't click with you. You strongly feel that you being the one primarily with your child is the way it's supposed to be.

Contributes to her family financially

You have big dreams for your family. Ones that (without a trust fund) require two incomes. Financially contributing is not an option for what you want, and your family might even depend on it.

I will show you what goes into $50k months you can do as a full-time mom.

From the business model, to scalable products, to marketing, to productivity habits, to (science-backed) parenting approaches.

Like many working moms, from the moment I got pregnant, childcare never felt like an option...

As an entrepreneur, I had been banking on the benefits of self employment during motherhood before I was even married. I knew that having the flexibility would be a gift.

But as I got pregnant and motherhood got closer, I never questioned having childcare because I never considered slowing down my business.

And if we're being honest, I couldn't have even I wanted to. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the world. I know the pressure of having your family rely on you.

For the first 18 months of my son's life, I worked 3 days a week, with a part-time nanny filling in on those days.

In many ways, this was great.. I was lucky to have a business that was flexible. And having part time child care allowed me to fully focus on my working days.

It felt like the best I could ask for at the time.

  • Yes, I was with my child on more days than not.
  • Yes, my business was still flourishing (I even had a seven-figure sales year between my son's 4-16 months of life.)

But the pain of leaving him got louder...

Until one day, when my son snuggled up on my lap for his pre-nap story time that it HIT me:

This should always be.

Okay, not ALWAYS. But... as much as I can, while he's this little, while he still needs me this much... I should be there.

It should be me who...

  • Takes him to the zoo and helps him learn about animals
  • Eats lunch with him as he'll be in school before I know it
  • Spends hours outside with him, aways from screens
  • Rocks his little self to sleep and sings to him before naps
  • Teaches him the way the world works!

And though I always wanted that, I always dismissed it because I would never stop working.

I'd tell myself nannies are a good thing! It's good to have someone else be around your child for their development. It's good to have my space.

But once I finally questioned all these assumptions, I got the courage to actually look at my business and values and rewrite my own rules for my family.

The more I thought about not having childcare, the less I could deny how obvious it was...

Despite us working moms inherently believing that working time can't equal time with our kids, I started seeing how backwards this was to my values as a mother.

  • As an entrepreneur, I paid my nanny based on my time working with clients. Obvious, right? What this actually means is you're working hard to pay someone else for you to spend less time with your own child. I don't like this math.

  • Toddlers can feel out of control, but what about the things I could control? Like I could control how early I woke up or late I went to sleep, what I did during nap time, and in pockets throughout the day.
  • What about hunter/gather cultures? Didn't mothers work all day long in the company of their children, just not on computers?

  • Did I forget about the part that I OWN MY OWN BUSINESS and shouldn't be playing by someone else's rules! I didn't give up this much and come this far to live someone else's idea of motherhood and life.

I structured my life and business to truly make room for BOTH.

At this point, you might be nodding your head in agreement...

Yes, you want to be with your kid(s), and yes, you want to have a super successful business...

But HOW? How do you do both?!

That's where this course comes into play...

My automated and scalable business model

I'm not here to feed you the lie that all you need is a digital product and a dream to retire to Bali and never work again (looking at you, 4-Hour Work Week.) I'm a business coach and have clients. I'm here to show you how to serve clients in ways that's scalable and still serves them.

My boundaries, schedule and time categorizing

If you're with your child all the time, you can't be working all the time. The truth? You shouldn't be working all the time anyway. As someone who worked 80+ weeks before having a kid, I can now honestly say that working ~20 hours a week and making MORE money works just as well with the right boundaries.

My passive income funnels

For years, I've been vocal about passive income largely being a myth. This isn't because you can't have money come in while you sleep (you can!) but more that it takes testing and refining to happen, making it actually active. Still, I'll show you the testing I did to create a funnel that makes me sales every single day.

My approach to parenthood and the modern-day mom

A huge part of my journey was rethinking how I approached motherhood in relationship to being a working mom. I spent the first 15 months of motherhood feeling guilty whenever I wasn't paying attention to my child when with him. What I eventually learned is that constant entertainment of kids isn't great for either of you, and studying how Hunter-Gather cultures viewed the relationship between work and parenting changed everything.

Personal habits and the productivity hacks by which I swear

Here's the "dirty" truth: I get up at 5:30 AM and usually start working. I won't say you have to get up early, but you probably will have to do some unconventional scheduling to make this work. It might not be ideal, but if it means being with your kid(s), isn't it worth it? I'll share how I optimize sleep, get more energy, and think about what to work on, when, for optimize work.

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For the mama, pregnant entrepreneur, or TTC mama-to-be who just knows this perspective will make a difference for her and her family.

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