6 Months to Consistent Clients

For the entrepreneur who wants their first client  

With nearly three years of experience in this coaching business, I am the one-on-one coach you’re looking for if your business is ready to finally get off the ground.

Not only can I help you do that, I know what goes into the foundation of a solid, multiple six-figure business.

So you’re not only achieving your wins quickly, you’re building with a long-term focus and for long-term success.

I only work with a select few clients at a time, so click the button below to set up a complimentary call and see if I am the right fit for you! 


Having a side hustle comes with challenges.

It may be...

  • Comparing yourself to others on social media
  • Not showing up consistently
  • Wondering where your next client is coming from
  • Not sure what to offer or how to create it
  • In your own way

And you want to overcomes those challenges.

Instead feel...

  • Consistent with showing up every day
  • Confident about what you are selling
  • Clear about who your audience is
  • Certain of your business decisions

Meet Abby

Hello! My name is Abby. You may know me as Leah's little sister but I am also the lead side hustle coach at Team LG. I have been working with Leah for nearly three years.

I joined Leah in March of 2020 after I left my corporate job at an investment bank. Watching Leah work for herself and help hundreds of side hustlers do the same, I became inspired and wanted to join in on this fun and highly fulfilling work. I started working as the Operations Manager but after a year, I wanted to work more closely with clients and support them in their businesses. I have now been working with my own clients for more than a year and LOVE it.

I have a unique perspective of building an online business. I am the ONLY person who saw the business go from $20k months to $100k months. I know what goes into a seven-figure business, and what goes on in Leah’s mind, more than anyone. 

Interested in working 1:1 with me? Schedule a call with me below.

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What my clients have said about working with me

"During the couple of months of working 1:1 with Abby, I was able to see my online offerings in a new way! Before working with Abby, I wasn't sure how to turn what I already knew into specific offers. Abby helped me take the products I already had combined with the strengths she saw and build on those offerings to create higher priced products.

After working with her, my mindset shifted to keeping my audience in the know and showing up for them consistently. I can use multiple platforms to stay in front of my audience and make sure they know what I am selling."

- Aqura Nicholson, Financial Coach and Planner

What to expect when working with me:

  • Get clear on your offerings
  • Strategize your funnel and build your email list
  • Support with gaining visibility
  • Create, launch, and sell your offerings
  • Support in mindset shifts